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“The “trustworthy with clients” is our business motto. We respect our clients above all else and never forget that they come to us by choice. We strive to choose the most suitable program for each of our clients in a timely manner. Our counselors are the professionals in this field who either lived or were educated in overseas.”

In late 1980, Korea was not just in an unfavorable position compared to rival Asian exporters such as Taiwan in terms of price competitiveness but also faces in a disadvantage in non-price competition with developed countries such as Japan. Acquiring a dominant market position, it is inevitable to boost up a non-price competition by procuring and cultivating talented with ability to speak fluent English and to have high international business management skills no less than technical development and quality improvement.

Under this historical background Atlas International was established, in February 1989, to help professionals and university students as a global human resource not only develop language skills but also acquire global insight. Korea, regardless of being ranked at the 10th in economic scale, based on IMD Report, its national competitiveness was not only pushed back on the priority list but also has weakened by each year. By contrast, Singapore and Hong Kong has ranked in the second and the third. Those countries use English as an official language and have been highly advanced in terms of globalization.

Especially in the field of university education, Singapore ranks the first, Hong Kong the second and Korea is the fortieth. Compared to China on rank twenty-eighth, Korea is much behind. The quality of higher education determines the nation’s competitiveness in the world market. The problem is that boosting up the quality of higher education takes time and effort. In order to speed up the globalization, International exchange of education should be more emphasized and prompt investment on study abroad programs for students and professionals would be essential. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across many countries, and extensive research on various programs of the world’s most prestigious university, Atlas International collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance in each of their fields and governments


Atlas International is an educational consulting firm, retaining 20 years of experience and know-how in the field of Global HRD and Training. Established on 1989, Atlas has been an educational agency representing international programs of 20 or more prestigious universities in the U.S., including Penn, NYU, Columbia University, UCLA, UW, UC Berkeley, USC, University of Illinois, Georgia Tech and so on.

We help our clients create value and develop various skills for global communication and business through our unique spectrum of educational consulting services. We support university students to attend study abroad program to improve communication skills and to extend global insights. And also we arrange Summer Sessions in prestigious U.S. universities for Korean students from SNU, KAIST, POSTECH, Ewha University, and so on, offering a chance to experience life in foreign university and earn academic credits.

With cooperation of the prestigious universities, Atlas International develops professional study abroad programs for companies, Public Enterprise, Financial Institutions, contributing their globalization. We have not only customized programs for CEOs and the leadership of society but also focused on Visiting Scholar programs and Executive programs for professionals in various fields. We work with Laureate Hospitality Education Inc. as an official representative that operates worldwide campus for international school of hotel management in Switzerland, USA, Spain, China and Australia. Atlas International also has introduced Events, Sports and Entertainment Management Programs of Glion Institute of Higher Education in Swiss.


We always values trustworthy with client and earns loyalty by consistently providing the highest quality and service. We strive for excellence in all we do for clients’ goal achievement. Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and expends our business. Guided by Integrity, we help our clients achieve their most challenging goals. We work with our overseas partner universities and institutions based on our philosophy. As an educational consultant, we offer the best quality service for each one of the clients.

The influence of educational enthusiasm has been a core factor by which to achieve the rapid expansion of higher education, which has brought up the quality of the Korean. With more advanced education, people can be more globalize, knowledgeable and open-minded. Korea is the country where people are the most valuable asset. Koreans should see world in a broad perspective and use ability and creativity to contribute the growth of the country.

“Global Korea” is a supreme task for all Koreans. We, Atlas International, support university students and professionals to become international and to play a leading role in their field with knowledge and professionalism, contributing to solve the task, “Global Korea”.



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